Friday, September 23, 2011

end of special offer - expires Saturday 9 PM (PDT)

Saturday  is the last day to qualify for the the 27% discount: Success In Social Marketing class, seven nugget packed classes that would take you years to lean on your own.

Yep, until 9 PM Saturday it's $65 and then it's gonna be $89.

Time to get synced with the 21st century in your business marketing.

What will you learn?

A proven system ....

- how to grow your email list
- how to expand your web presence
- how to tune up your web pages so they are SEO - search engine optimized
- create a social marketing plan and work it (we will do this in the seven sessions)
- how to establish a system to create more potential clients and connect with them regularly

Absolutely free - you get a 60 minute, one on one, with me before the first session to produce a doable social marketing plan.

If you miss a class?  Just listen to the recording before the next class.

Get serious. Take the step to qualify for this special discount that expires Saturday at 9pm (PDT).

.... you have my 100% satisfaction guarantee or I will return 100% of your tuition.


More info:

Blessings, Steu


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