Saturday, September 24, 2011

Generate more exposure for your website - freely

A four letter word to simply and freely drive more traffic to your web site: blog. It doesn't get any easier than this to create more exposure for your offerings.

The first reason is they are free.  I don’t think that one needs an explanation. You can get some free marketing done for your web site with bloggin.

The second reason is that blogs are easy to update.  This means you can post anything informational pretty quickly.  Every post you write is picked up by the search engines and thereby accomplished you another step in the bridge that must be built to find you. I have hear rumors that search engines pick up blog posts more often then web sites content updates, but I am still looking to verify that one.

Consider this: what is easier to produce - a blog with 13 posts or a web site with 13 pages?

Of course, you want both, but a proven method for getting more exposure is bloggin’ daily, which is much easier than pasting up a new web page every day.

Last good reason to set up a bloggin” practice is you are in the bowels of the search engine already. Hey, is Google. So when you publish your post you don’t have to worry about getting it to the search engine because you are already there.  How easy is that?

My two cents, “Get bloogin if you want more exposure!”

To find the free blogs all you have to do is Google "free blogs" and there will be a dozen decent results. I like because it is part of the #1 search engine being used. There are some blogs that cost money to use and those have some extra features. It just depends on what you strategy is, as to what tool you want to use. For me, free bloggin is a great bridge builder and helps me emphasize my search engine optimization techniques (SEO).

Foe example, once you nail down your key phrases you are going to use on your web site, use them on you blog posts too. I don't suggest that you copy your web page content to make posts, but using the same key words is an excellent way to communicate with the search engines. You don't need to have a key word meta tag in use on your blog like you do on your web page. Simply using the key words and key phrases from your web pages will help the search engines understand what is being offered and help them create context links.

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