Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to to Accomplish Effective Web Site Marketing, Three Free Strategies

I have been optimizing web pages for search engines going on 10 years and these are the tips and techniques I have learned. I promise that when you apply these three strategies to your pages you will see your page ranking improve. And, just remember, that won't happen overnight. Any changes you make in your web pages will take 6-8 weeks to show up in the search engines.

First, it's not a good idea, if you want search engines to display your web page(s) in search results, to use the same keywords and content design on every page. Hold on, this doesn't mean you have to build a whole new site or blog. Make it easy, just create some new ideas about what you are offering and what key words will lead potential customers to you. The next step is just modifying some web or blog page content.

One easy start on this effort is to sit down with a blank piece of paper and brainstorm session. Ask your self some questions, "What words do I want people to find me by. When someone is looking for my services/products, what words or phrase will they type into the search engine? What characteristics set me apart from my competitors that I can emphasize?" The results of this session will create words and phrases you want to use for your revised keyword meta tag on each page.

-  Make sure you use a variety of key words on each page.

-  Make sure you the keywords used in the meta tag are also used in the content on your web page.

Second, don't use the same "Title" meta tag on every web page. Use a variety of titles so that each one is unique. I have seen Google ding web sites, send an error message, when pages have the same title in the meta tag. A simple solution is use some of your key words for the page to make your page titles. And, be sure that what ever you have in the title meta tag you have written on your web page too.

The third strategy is making sure your web site has a purpose. That may sound simple, since most web sites are about making money or creating a presence. I encourage you to come up with a two or three sentence context for your site and then run it by every web page you have. Does that page fit the context? If not, you might want to tweak it. For example, let's say you sell widgets on your site. And, the context statement for your site is this:

We want potential customers and clients to know how and why we make the best widgets, along with our top rated service warranty. Our products are made from natural fibers and that sets apart from our competition.

When you examine your web pages, are they backing up the theme in your context statement - on every page? If all else fails, you could always put one version or another of this statement on every page - perhaps that will help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts!

Here is one video that I found will help you understand about how search engines work. This understanding will in turn help you uncover your key words and phrases.

Steu Mann is a Reiki Master and Consultant. He has worked on corporate and private web sites for over 10 years to improve their performance and design. His Masters is in Curriculum and Instruction. He teaches social marketing classes and successful eMarketing and ePublishing strategies which have been put to work around the globe. You can reach him at his Ez Web Manifesting web site:

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