Friday, September 30, 2011

Pagerank explained - the gold standard to measure web site performance

Hey, Google doesn't earn any income from the "pagerank" or "page rank" values they create and assign to web pages. To me, that qualifies this as an authentic measuring tool for web site success. Every web site is assigned a value between zero and ten. Ten is the highest and I have never seen a ten. Google and Yahoo will be at that spectrum. A rating of "3" is an average web site.   The key to boost your page rating are these five metrics....

1)  Revelance: links that are relevant
2) Comprehensiveness: complete coverage of a topic
3) Freshness: data that is fresh and pages updated regularly
4) Indexed: a site map submitted to Google
5) Useful content: meta tags that match your page content

Here is a Google starter guide to SEO [search engine optimization]: (click here)

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