Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Proven Strategies to Boost Your PageRank in Google

PageRank is a number between 0-10. Yes, when your at a zero ranking you are not even on the scale. A ranking of 10 is the highest. If you want to learn about details or see how a PageRank can be calculated then search for "PageRank" in Google and Yahoo don't publicize the formula they use to calculate PageRank, in fact I am not sure Yahoo is still doing PageRank. Google definitely is, and if you want to grow your site be sure to monitor your PageRank there.

The overall principal to improving your PageRank is associating your web pages or blog with other web sites that are similar to what your site is providing. For example, if your key words are about baking, recipes, and selling sweets you want to be connected with sites that are similar. You don't want to be connected with sites that are selling auto parts or dealing with concepts that are not relevant to your key words. Get your self associated with sites like yours. The PageRank spiders do explore the content on your site and the sites you are connected with.

Many people just put up a site or blog, do no regular search engine submissions, no articles linking to their web pages, and have less that 50 links to other relevant web sites - so they end up with a PageRank of 0-2.

How can you improve the PageRanking of your web site or blog, without taking money out of your pocket?

1. Get connected to the web in general. Put the word out about your services and products. This can be easily accomplished by submitting free press releases and distributing articles that you have written to free article sites.

2. Do some reciprocal linking with other web sites. Go looking for sites that compliment your web pages or have similar products. Ask them to exchange links with you. There are rumors other there that say too many links are bad on a web site or hurt your PageRank. If that is the case, then why did go from a zero to 3 PageRank in six months? That site has over 300 links on it. And, those links are all relevant and similar to the key words and phrases being used there.

3. Step out with social marketing. Set up a Twitter account, Facebook account, or LinkedIn account and make some posts that include links back to your web pages. This is an easy way to accomplish distributing your news, gain some new site visitors, and increase your visibility.

Those three efforts will increase your backlinks. A backlink is simply a web site or blog that links back to your web page. You can get more specific info in wikipedia when you search on "backlink" but we can use this simple definition I have provided to understand what you need to do. Get more backlinks to your web pages. But, make sure they are coming from decent sites. The search engines do calculate and monitor the backlinks to your site.

You can explore what your PageRank is at the this site:

Folks I have shared time tested and proven strategies in this article. I promise that if you do these four ideas for just two hours a week - continuing over four or five months, you will see positive expansion in your web endeavors. Improving your web site ranking is not a fast food restaurant, there is no drive through lane. It takes time to gain higher visibility and anyone telling you different is probably selling you some swampland but calling it a "one of a kind" location.

Be patient, be diligent, and the rewards will appear.

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