Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alternative Health: How to Protect Yourself & Environment From EMF: Electromagnetic Radiation


Major environmental contributors are military and business while major emitters at home include TV’s, computers, cell/cordless phones, wi-fi’s, fluorescent lights, some toys, and many appliances.

All of life depends on beneficial electromagnetic frequencies. The brain and heart of living creatures are especially dependent on specific frequencies. Studies have articulated that sentient beings experience a sense of wellbeing from Schumann Resonances which are naturally emitted from the Earth. However, the overwhelming mass of EMR’s, including, microwave (MW) and radio-frequency (RF) radiation plus very extremely low frequency (ELF) frequencies, are posing a devastating hazard to individual health and an ever present danger to maintaining a healthy environment. From around the world, in thousands of research studies, scientists and law experts warn of short-term and long-term hazards of exposure to EMR while expressing that minimal exposure is the best practice.

A new long-term study by the World Health Organization into the link between mobile use and brain cancer has found that heavy users significantly increase their risk of developing fatal brain tumors. “It’s time for the Government to stop saying, like the mobile industry, we need more research and to move forward with putting appropriate warnings on mobile phone packaging, and to issue public cautions to children.” said Dr Blackwell from wiredchild.org.

In PEDIATRICS, Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, it was reported, “There is consistent evidence from epidemiologic studies of a risk of childhood leukemia associated with exposure to environmentally high levels of ELF magnetic fields.” In 2010, Argentine researchers at Nascentis found that radiation emitted by an internet connected computer resting on the user’s legs may affect male fertility by reducing sperm motility and fragmenting DNA.
“Many birds are disappearing mysteriously from urban environments and our bees are now under serious threat,” reported Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy. He also found there is increasing evidence that some of this is due to electromagnetic pollution such as that from cell towers, cell phones, DECT cordless phones and wifi.
In your home you will find numerous sources of EMR’s. Some of these include 'smart' utility grids; smart meters; mobile phones and their antenna infrastructure on masts; rooftops and in disguised structures; microwave oven leakage; baby monitors and children's RF-related toys; RF medical devices; RFID-embedded chips in people, animals, consumer products, and identity or credit cards; direct-energy and other EM weaponry; TV, radio, and satellite broadcasts; and there are many more.

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