Monday, September 10, 2012

What is emarketing? How can new people find your site easily?

Ever wonder how emarketing is accomplished?  How can new people find about your site, services, or products?

The Internet is an information depot. Wow, kids nowadays have an easy time researching an essay topic. If you want to find out what is happening on the other side of the world, all you have to do is point and click. Exploring the who and what of your friends is quick with the multitude of social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

The portal into this data warehouse is a search engine. Search engine spiders crawl the web 24/7 and assimilate data from every web page and blog post. The three main ones are Google, Bing, and Yahoo but there are others plus there are thousands of directories too.  All these warehouses are sending their spiders to crawl the Internet and amass every bit of info.

The million dollar question is how do you get your data to the top of the heap?  What does it take, when people are searching for you, to find you on the first page of search results, or better yet find a link to your page directly?

The answer is simple: create a buzz about your company, products, and services.

The resolution lies in a coordinated and extended effort but it’s not complicated. Here are the three steps I have been using successfully for years.

First, you need to SEO, Search Engine Optimize, your web site. You can also optimize your blog posts but I’ll save that subject to another article.  Accomplishing SEO means three things.

  1. Researched key words to use on your pages. This research displays trends of buzz words people are using in search engines to find products and services.  Both Google and Bing have these research tools for free. You need to think ahead, what is the keyword or phrase people will associate with your offering?
  2. Align your content and meta tags. You must match the content of your meta tags (key words, description, title, and author) to the content in your page.
  3. Index your site in the search engines. This is a simple process of submitting your site map to the search engines - frequently. Check my previous posts as I made a video on how to do this process.

Second, create your own buzz. You easily accomplish this by establishing backlinks to your site. For example, when you make a blog post, place a link to your site at the bottom of your it. In your social marketing updates and tweets be sure to put a link to your web site or blog.

For all you folks on a mission, you must take creating a buzz a step further. Create press releases, articles and reviews of your offering - that are educational in nature - and post them on appropriate, quality sites.  The big turn off is making them a sales pitch, And, yes, they can have a link to your site in ‘em and still be considered educational. Just do it in your Bio at the end of the content which adds that professional looking touch. 

Last step, submit your web pages, press releases, articles, and blog posts to the search engines and  directories. There are thousands around the world. I think the easiest method is buy the software. But, there are plenty of sites, including mine, where you can purchase services to do submissions for you.  

The key with those three steps is prolonged effort of 6-12 months. That’s when you will see a substantial change in your web presence - your web reputation.

You might be asking, “How do I measure that success?” One simple way is to check your PageRank before you start. After 12-15 weeks check it again.  If it is increasing then you are on the right track. If not, then maybe you are not doing enough or your work is too wide spread.  Another measure is to Google your key phrase(s) before you start. Jot down where you appear in the search results. After 12 weeks Google them again, if you are appearing higher in the search results that your success is evident.

There is another step when you get good at creating your buzz. You see, once you have established a sphere of influence, you can generate an extended buzz that’ll help even more people find you. 

If you have a question or would like assistance, give me a call at 541.210.4375.

Steu Mann

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