Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What is the value of your web site?

Value is essential in just about everything in this world. Every thing I have ever done or experienced has contributed some level of value to me - or not. Our relationships, clothes, friends, family, the list goes on and on - all of which have a value to us.

Your web site has value to the people who visit it. 

What measurement of value would you assign to your goods and services that your web site projects? 

Is your web site a project on hold? One that has missing links, missing content, and is unfinished?  What is that telling people about you? 

How is the communication of your web site content? Do your pages provide a design and offer content that will assist others in understanding how you will contribute to improving their value?

Where is your web site reaching?  Are you using a qualified metric to measure your visitor traffic?

Who is bonding with you at your web site? Do you have a system in place that allows people to connect with you in a long term relationship?

Of course there is also a monetary value too. Check out these sites if you want to explore the money side of valuing your web site: http://www.yourwebsitevalue.com, and http://www.webworth.info/.

Designing a mobile capable web site that is search engine optimized (SEO) are the first steps in any long term or short term plan of success with internet marketing.

Steu Mann
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