Friday, February 8, 2013

Stop Procrastinating: 10 FREE SEO Actions To Take To Jump Start Your Web Presence: Internet Marketing For Your Web Site

Stop Procrastinating: 10 FREE SEO Actions To Take To Jump Start Your Web Presence: Internet Marketing For Your Web Site
Stop Procrastinating: 10 FREE SEO Actions To Take To Jump Start Your Web Presence: Internet Marketing For Your Web Site

The way of the future for almost any business is online marketing. Sure the older generation is more accustomed to using the yellow pages but even that is changing.

"For the first time, half of American adults ages 65 and older are online.' PEW, Jun, 2012

"These are the most popular online activities across all generations .....

  • Email
  • Search engine use
  • Seeking health information
  • Getting news
  • Buying products
  • Making travel reservations or purchases
  • Doing online banking
  • Looking for religious information
  • Rating products, services, or people
  • Making online charitable donations
  • Downloading podcasts"

Ready to get your marketing effort in full swing? 

Here are ten PROVEN SEO TECHNIQUES to boost your web reputation. And, don't forget, this doesn't happen overnight ... it takes time. For example, don't setup your blog and expect to be receiveing instant feedback or 5,000 visitors a month. 

... you have to work it the old fashion way - sweat equity.

1. The most obvious - setup a free blog and make start posting - at least - once a week. If you are serious about marketing then do one post a day.

2.  When you produce a blog post use the labels to accent your marketing slogans, product/service features.

3.  Distribute your blog to your social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter at a bare minimum.  This can be done freely or you can use a paid service to do the distribution automatically when you publish your post.

4.  Produce a wikipedia page for your organization. Keep n mind this is not a sales page. It is an information page to give you street cred.

5. Join social networks and make new friends - expand your sphere of influence. Click here to see 10 most popular, or a listing, or as an info graphic.

6. Find a forum that is related to your product or service and join it. Answer some questions and get your name established. Meet new friends. Click here for a list. Or google/bing your interest plus the word "forum." For example, if you were selling red wagons you would google or bing "red wagon forum" or "kid toys forum" or "wagon wheel forum"  .... you get the idea.

7.  Add your web site to your email signature. If you don't know how then google or bing this phrase "how to set up email signature in xxx" and fill in "xxx" with your email service - gmail, hotmail, yahoo .... you get the idea.

8. Get a customer testimonial and add it to your web site. Better yet, add that testimonial to your email signature. 

9.  Make a video and put it on youtube. Then embed or link that video into your blog or web page. Not sure how to do that? Google or bing this phrase "how to embed youtube video on web site." Youtube has a high pagerank so connecting that video to your stuff will help improve your pagerank - guaranteed. The higher your pagerank the more visibility in search engines you will have.

10. Complete a request to Google Local Places and Bing Local Places to add your business. This will get your biz displayed in the search results with a thumb tack in the local map on searches that match your key words.

Folks there you go - then FREE steps to jump start your marketing. Get'er done and have some fun too!

Steu Mann is an SEO Specialist. He has been successfully working with online technology since 1997. Follow him on Twitter at @EzWebManifest. If you enjoyed this article, you can subscribe to receive Free Web Site Tune Up Tips in the future. He can be reached at 406.285.1778.

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