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Is Your SEO (aka Internet Marketing) On Auto Pilot?

Is Your SEO (aka Internet Marketing) On Auto Pilot
Is Your SEO (aka Internet Marketing) On Auto Pilot? 

Let’s be clear, to qualify your site as having an existing online marketing program or internet marketing plan there must be - at a bare minimum - these characteristics:

  1. A key word phrase implemented on individual web pages
  2. You have an active blogging presence
  3. You are regularly posting in social media networks
  4. Your pages offer at least one connection opportunity to visitors
  5. You provide visitors opportunities to satisfy that “impulse buy” factor with your online store

There are plenty of SEO tools and software programs out there that can help automate some of the aspects of your SEO program, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus more on other SEO-related tasks like content creation and blogger outreach that can’t (and shouldn’t) be automated. I’m all for finding new ways to be more efficient and maximize the return for my time, but site owners need to be careful that they don’t get mistake efficiency for complacency. 
The bottom line is this, you want to streamline your SEO program, but don’t put it on autopilot.
What does SEO auto pilot look like?
  1. Only going after easy link exchanges
    Link building is still a valuable component of any SEO program, but Google’s crackdown on web spam in 2012 means good link building isn’t as simple as building links wherever you can find them. Easy links might look nice on a monthly report  but their long-term value usually doesn’t amount to much. 
  2. Not updating web page content regularly
    Leaving the same content spread on your pages stagnates your web reputation. In the short term it is good for your search engine results, but even your ranking there will suffer if your content never changes. Whatever your content is, it has to be informative and educational. Of course, making it entertaining is likely to produce some short term interest.
  3. Redundant outreach program
    Using the same email to blogs hosts to request guest blog spot is almost something a software program can do. You want to create personal relationships with folks who allow you to do guest posts. By sending the same email to each blog owner there is no personal touch and that is not the web reputation you want to promote.
What are three actions that will stream line your SEO and internet marketing program?
  1. Remove all non-relevant links to your on your web pages.
    Only exchange links with sites and blogs that have content matching or aligned with your content. This type of link building takes time but the payoff is BIG in your page rank score and in determining how you will appear in search engine results.
  2. Update your web page content regularly.
    Once your site is soaring in the search engines then it’s time to revise the content around different themes (phrases and concepts). This is easily accomplished without losing the rankings from your existing page content. The goal is to attract new visitors and build a consistent stream of reoccurring visitors which is only achieved with fresh content.
  3. Create a diverse organic network
    Your material must be located in other places along links back to your site pages. This tells the search engines you are the web and it also gets you in front of new audiences. When you are creating personal relationships with other site owners and blog owners you are building an organic network that is a very powerful tool in
    delivering your message(s) around the globe.
In summary, three essential fundamentals to an outstanding SEO and internet marketing program include 1) building and enhancing your organic network, 2) providing rich content opportunities to educate visitors, and 3) offering multiple connection strategies to your visitors that will bond them with you.
Steu Mann is an SEO Specialist. He has been successfully working with online technology since 1997. Follow him on Twitter at @EzWebManifest. Subscribe to receive Free Web Site Tune Up Tips at ezwebmanifesting.com

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