Friday, October 4, 2013

Google rules the West but Japan still prefers Yahoo

Google rules the West but Japan still prefers Yahoo: Map reveals how different internet giants dominate countries across the globe

oogle rules the West but Japan still prefers Yahoo
Google has become so much a part of everyday life many people now use the brand name as a verb for searching, but a new map highlights exactly how far and wide the site spreads across the globe.  

The map, created by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, used data from millions of people's browsing history worldwide and shows Google as the most popular site, in 62 countries. 

Facebook was the second most visited site globally, in 50 countries, while the third place site - China's 

Baidu search engine, was popular in just two countries.

To work out the number of visitors, Dr Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata from the institute combined the number of estimated average daily unique visitors, with the estimated number of page views for that site from users in a particular country, for a particular month. 

The data shown in the map covers the period of July and August this year and uses information collected by website analytics firm Alexa.

Each colour represents that most visited website in that country and each three individual blocks represent around one million users. 

The countries are unusual sizes as the map effectively exaggerates countries that almost exclusively use one type of search engine.

Google is shown in red, Facebook is blue. Yahoo is shown in purple and has a stronghold over Japan, while China's favourite site is the search engine Baidu. 

Baidu is also popular in Korea, ahead of the country's own search engine Naver.

The majority of most-visited sites were search engines, but Facebook was also popular.

Although Facebook was predominantly popular in the west, it was also the most visited site in Nepal and Mongolia.

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