Saturday, October 5, 2013

SEO: simple nine step program

This is the nine step program that defines a five-star SEO program. We agree that it’s an oversimplification, so just know going in that there is much “doingness” underneath each of these steps.
1. Fine tune and tweak page content keywords with meta tags (title, descriptions, author, and description).
2. Produce and maintain all page content descriptions to include trending high search volume keywords
3. Build and establish organic link building, along with submitting site to high ranking directories, forums, blogs, and review sites.
4. Write and submit blog articles to various directories. Plus, using keywords in those articles.
5. Produce changes in page structure, heading tags, internal links, image alt tags as needed.
6. Manage YouTube video titles and descriptions to include keywords and appropriate links.
7. Analyze crawlability of site pages and take the lead on fixing errors and suggesting solutions to spider or analytic issues.
8. Integrate social media strategy, maintain it and provide measurements.
9.  Monitor performance of organic traffic and measure it. Implement methods to improve inbound links.

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