Monday, December 30, 2013

Google 'heatmap' reveals New York, Rome and Barcelona as the most photographed places on Earth

From the Empire State Building to the Blue Mosque, plenty of people take photographs of iconic architecture when on holiday.

And now Google Maps’ Panoramio ‘heat map’ of the world allows people to see the most photographed travel destinations.

Three of the five most photographed places on the planet are in the EU, according to the popular service, which lets people tag photos of landmarks and scenery and upload them to Google maps.
According to the website’s heat map, New York City is the most photographed place in the world, or at least more images of New York landmarks and scenes have been uploaded via Panoramio than any other city.

Rome, Barcelona, Paris and Istanbul make up the rest of the top five most photographed destinations, suggesting the service is more popular in some areas of the world than others.

The map shows the most popular photographic locations in yellow, before fading to orange, pink and then purple for slightly less photographed places, making it easy to pick out popular holiday spots, cities and wonders of the world.

London was, unsurprisingly, the most snapped location in the UK and Ireland, followed by Dublin, Stonehenge, Brighton and Bath.

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