Thursday, January 16, 2014

Research: More than 11m teens have left Facebook since 2011

Research: More than 11m teens have left Facebook since 2011
Over 11m teenagers and college students have left Facebook since 2011, an analyst claimed today.

Digital consultancy iStrategy Labs today released a study it says uses data from Facebook’s own Social Advertising platform to come up with the shocking figures.

Experts believe that young people are increasingly abandoning the site to turn to apps such as WhatsUp, Snapchat and others.

According to iStrategy, Facebook has 4,292,080 fewer high-school aged users and 6,948,848 college-aged users than it did in 2011.

Late last year Facebook shares went on a 24 hour rollercoaster after the company's chief financial officer admitted that teenagers are losing interest in the site.

Shares in the social network soared around 15 per cent to $57.98 (£36.16) following the site's latest quarterly earnings announcement, before suddenly failing to $47.40.

The dip was attributed to comments made by Facebook's chief financial officer David Ebersman about a decline in teenagers using the social network site.

'We did see a decrease in daily users, especially younger teens,' said Ebersman on a conference call with analysts, although added: 'Our best analysis of youth engagement in the U.S reveals that usage of Facebook among U.S teens overall was stable.'

Facebook did not release official figures about the current number or users who are teenagers or how substantial this drop was.

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