Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Faceboook vs Google: how can your online business benefit?

Faceboook vs Google: how do you win?
Facebook (FB) is expanding it's perception beyond a social network. What this means is pretty important if you are a small business owner wanting to sell more products. You already know that goofy "Thumbs Up" icon where everyone can bless you or hate you courtesy of FB.

Imagine a world where you can sell your products online to anyone in FB. That means accepting payments online through FB - what a concept. That is in motion now as FB ramps up its' FbStart program, literally giving selected  businesses $30-60K to develop FB apps.

Some say this eliminates the need for a web site or blog. Really?  Sure, FB has some advantages to doing networking. It's difficult to measure the clients it generates for business pages listed there. I see it more as a free "Angie's List."  I have never met a new client using FB, and only know of one business who has.

But, FB is great as a search engine because it's a global repository of information where you can expand your sphere of influence by posting your information. Whether you can distinguish your business from the herd, depends on the tone you set of your web reputation.

Learn more about using Facebook in your online marketing strategy - click here.

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