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Blogging Tutorial: how to update google doc content to preserve file link

Blogging Tutorial: how to update google doc content to preserve file link
Several people have asked me about ways to get around creating new links to a doc they have posted, so here is the answer for that one.

Let's say you have a newsletter and want to use the same link to publish your monthly newsletter on your blog.  This avoids the tribulations of making your readers/students always get a new link to bookmark you as a favorite ... in the event you don't have a web site where you can post the doc.

This is how you can accomplish that very easily. By the way, this applies whether you are updating a doc, spreadsheet, or image.

#1 Review my first blogging tutorial.


With the file opened that you want to update, go to the FILE menu and select OPEN
Blogging Tutorial

 Displaying the screen below ......
Blogging Tutorial

Next, upload the file that will make the content update. Bingo, you are done. Your file is automatically saved. Double check to make sure that the file is still published to the web and published as a link.


 First, open your spreadsheet you want to  update.

Next, go to the FILE menu and select IMPORT.
Blogging Tutorial

 This displays the screen below where you will select IMPORT.....
Blogging Tutorial

After the file is uploaded, you see the screen below....
Blogging Tutorial

I think in most cases you will be selecting "Replace Current Sheet" but if the file you are updating has more content than one sheet, pick "Replace Spreadsheet."

If you choose "Create New Spreadsheet"  you will have to provide a new file link to your readers/viewers.

That's all you need to do. Google automatically saves your content.


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