Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blogging Tutorial: how to use Google Docs to post your documents

Blogging Tutorial: how to use Google Docs
Blogging is a great communication tool that's easy and FREE. In this data age, it's an invaluable data device for educators and businesses. Have you ever wanted to post a document with your blog, maybe a sign up form, a set of instructions, or a file that you want viewers to be able to print when they read your post?

Google docs is a perfect solution.  It works with and will accept Microsoft docs, Open Office docs, an image file (jpg or png), and pdf files too. That about covers any type of file format an educator or business could possible have.

Three simple steps to get this accomplished.

#1 Sign in to Google Docs

#2 Upload Your File

Blogging Tutorial: google docs
  A. Click the + icon to create a new document.

B. Open a new document: FILE > OPEN

Blogging Tutorial: google docs

Blogging Tutorial: google docs
C.  In the "Open a File" window select "Upload" to find the file you want to share in your blog post.

#3 Save Your File and Get the Link

In the new window that is displayed look at the to of the screen to find these icons:
Blogging Tutorial: google docs
Now, pick the icon of a person with + symbol that displays the screen below.
Blogging Tutorial: google docs
Next, click the gray icon with a chain link in the top right corner of that screen, displaying the screen below.
Blogging Tutorial: google docs
The last step, copy [CONTROL +C windows,  COMMAND C mac]  that highlighted link and paste it where ever you want to allow access to this document. Where ever you paste that link, is where people can access the file you just created in google docs.

Examples .......
Here is the web site:

Blogging Tutorial: google docs
Both the "Newsletter tab and the Instructor List tab are links to google docs. The newsletter is a pdf file that was uploaded. The Instructor List is a jpg file.

Hope this was helpful. If you want more updates, click my circles on the right hand side of the screen to receive notices when these posts are published.

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