Monday, January 26, 2015

Online Marketing Trends: Discovery Marketing

Online Marketing Trends: Discovery Marketing
Put discovery marketing to work in your online marketing and keep pace with developing trends.

Web Site Design and Search Engine Optimization....

The marketing skills you have applied to your web site, or blog, quite literally will make or break your online reputation success.  It used to be that a web presence (site and/or blog) supplemented the promotion of your business. Not any more. Even if you only want to be recognized as a viable business, pretty much you need a web site. Last Friday, the Huffington Post reported that SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the most sought after skill by all sized companies for their online marketing, second only to email marketing.

Successful SEO is more than icons on a page

A valid SEO strategy requires content that is built and maintained to meet specific marketing objectives. If you want to produce local geographic results your content is presented one way. To reach a national audience, or global audience, your content must be formatted differently. Plus, you need to know where to go and utilize online tools and communities to reach your target audience - maximize your online marketing.

The new buzz word, ‘discovery marketing,’ is slowly replacing the old buzz word of ‘search engine marketing.’ While search engines are still essential to any marketing strategy, there are a host of other social streams that will assist your online marketing.

The ways that consumers find websites, products, or answers have expanded from traditional search engines to include myriad social networks, content sites, and applications, among others. And the traditional search function is due to be even further disrupted by smart devices, machine learning, and context-aware content. Your SEO must take these new and developing trends into account - month by month.

To be successful, today, with your web presence you want to have a foundation of these three items:

1. a web presence that encompasses different channels where potential buyers can find you.
2. measurements in place, from the start, to report back what level of success you are accomplishing in 1) connecting to new potential buyers, along with 2) assessing your strategy.
3. method(s) to keep pace with developing trends in online marketing, so as to sustain your existing web presence or to expand it.

Hiring an experienced SEO expert

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Newly completed projects

Home business opportunity with GMO free and organic health products.

Life coaching and retreats in Mount Shasta for individuals or groups.

Used book store in Talent, Oregon with 2,000+ books in online inventory.

Authentic SEO results

When you search in Google you don't need to use the quotations marks.

Client: Bear Creek Placer LLC
“gold wash plants"
"placer mine consultants"

Client: Kwik Block
"universal pipe clamp"
"universal plastic pipe clamp"

Client: Pristine Detailing Services
"auto detailing southern oregon"
"professional auto detailing oregon"

Client: Ez Web Manifesting​
​"seo ashland" client:
"search engine optimization ashland"

Client: Hill Top Landscaping​
​"medford landscaper"
"medford contractor water features"

Client: Aztec Electrical
"medford electrician"
"electrical contractor medford”

Client: Dharma Cohen
"learn about orbs"
"crystal healing sessions mount shasta"

What clients are saying

"Thanks for your work to redo our web site and get us to appear in the search engines. I appreciate your hard work."
~ Pat, Kwik Block

”When we first met, I could not find my web site even by searching on the company name. You solved that and put me on first page of Google results, just where I need to be. Thanks. “
~ Robert, Rogue River Roofing Co.

"My husband and I could not be more delighted with the services Steu has provided us with so far.  Before We met Steu we had obtained website and SEO services through another company, Steu couldn't of come at better time as we were completely frustrated with our current website services.  Steu was 100% clear on the services he would offer through out of contract period and so far he has stood behind everything he said he would do.  I have and will continue to refer customers to Steu.  He has answered every email and phone call and has met every request based on our Companies needs.  If you are looking for a great website service and would like to see your business grow,  then I can confidently say you will want have Steu apart of your team..  Thanks for everything Steu!!!"
~ Lisa, Aztec Electric

May your SEO efforts bring you more business and more good times, Steu

Steu Mann has over 35 years of professional experience and several careers in business and education, including a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction. His office is located in Ashland, Oregon where he works with business owners in SEO and online marketing consulting.

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