Thursday, March 26, 2015

SEO: Five Key Mistakes & How To Fix Them

SEO: Five Key Mistakes & How To Fix Them
Five consistent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mistakes and suggestions on a a good fix.

#1 Page Title Does Not Use and/or Target Realistic Keywords

A foundation of SEO is that your should should contain som of your key words or a key word phrase. Remember, the whole point of a search engine is to categorize your content so it can match people looking for your services with your page.

The target of your key word is what you want to show up on the search results page for.  For example, if you are selling red wagons, and you want to have your web site displayed to people looking for "wagons for children" then that is your target phrase: wagons for children.

In this case, an example of an unrealistic key word phrase is "red wagons made for kids".  This is a super specific phrase and searches tend to be done on vague terms. Be sure to avoid unnecessary descriptive words in your page title, because users don’t search for those. Carrying this one step further, a SEO efficient title for one of your web pages is Wagons for Children.

#2 Is My Meta Description Too Long?

The meta description of your page is the text that shows up under your page title in search results.  To avoid having your descriptive text cut off by the search engines, you should make sure your meta description is short enough to fit into 150 characters or less. Better yet, use a HTML 5 tag for your description. This will fit right into the text of your page. With that strategy you are using the latest technology to super-SEO your pages.

#3 Are you Using Each Page To Cover Specific Keywords?

Every page is an opportunity to categorized your web site in the mother lode of data that search engines collect. A proficient SEO practice is using different page titles and keywords for all of your different pages. Most people miss this opportunity to diversify your search engine holdings.

#4 Images Are A Gold Mine For Key Words - ALT Tags

Matt Cutts says it best, here is a short video where he describes this key SEO understanding.

#5 Is Analytics For My Website Important?

Measure your success using a good analytics program. That is to day, a progra that allows you to see visitor traffic and what pages people are viewing, length of stay , and so foth.

Most web site hosts offer an analytics program, like AW Stats, for free. GoDaddy has stopped offering this free service. Personally, I am not a fan of GoDaddy for many reason, that is one of them. But they are cheap and people do like cheap - not realizing the quality they are missing in a good domain provider or web host.

Google does offer a comprehensive service called Google Analytics. It has drawbacks but if it is all you can use, make sure to put it on your pages.

Did you find these common SEO mistakes and fixes helpful? Let us know any changes you have made or feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments. Share with someone you believe this can help too! Follow us on G+ - click here.

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