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App Review: comparing five top online payment methods

App Review: comparing five top online payment methods
Note: August 1, 2015: the link at bottom of this post now opens the research document directly, no subscription required. Enjoy!

Today is the world of apps. In fact, as days go by there are more and more apps that are created. Apps for any type of computing (mobile devices, laptops, desk tops) and for all platforms (Mac, Windows, Unix).

It doesn't matter what device you are using or what operating system is has; today's apps are designed to fit 'em all. And, that is what makes productivity so much easier now. With all these cool apps you can, as a self employed person or small business, have the same computing power that the larger businesses have enjoyed - for lest cost.

This free comparison covers a subject near and dear to everyone - money. it reviews the features of readily available payment apps in the marketplace. These range from a simple collection of money online to that same collection with the added features of reporting and analyzing your cash flow, plus more information.

Comparing Payment Apps

The payment apps being compared are Paypal, Stripe, Wave, Zoho Invoice, and Freshbooks.

We are used to services like Paypal that allow you to collect payments without much fuss. Paypal connects to your bank and then processes the payment from your client and deposits it in your bank account.

That landscape is morphing.

Now you create a customized, professional invoice, collect money online, get your cash flow analyzed, and be able to enhance your work flow with a host of other options.

Functions & Features

Here is a brief list of functions you will benefit from with these new apps:

- add multiple sales people on an invoice for different commissions
- add a live coupon to your web site or blog with a specific inventory
- create an estimate for a customer and track that as an invoice when it gets paid
- integrate your payments with a CRM (customer relationship management) software
- track time on a project or multiple projects and feed that into an invoice
- embed forms on your web pages

Many of those are free features. The payments apps make money with the same ole processing fees. The payment processors (gateways) are collecting thirty cents a transaction and 2.9 % of the sale.

Go ahead and download this free comparison of the payment apps here. There are over 30 features that are reviewed, this research will help you understand the changing marketplace for doing online business.

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