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How To Produce Robust SEO, The Four Elements

How To Produce Robust SEO, The Four Elements
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is an effort that takes time and patience. It starts with a recipe because there are certain elements you must have in place to accomplish quality SEO.

What are the SEO Elements?

Web Site
Produce a site with your own domain, not a free web site domain since social marketing sites like StumbleUpon no longer accept those. Avoid building your material with a complex CMS (content management system) unless you have skills to update it wisely and for the long haul.  If you are a DIY person use WordPress, but keep up with design trends and system updates; otherwise, you will have a hackers paradise. Your web site is the place for static content on your products and services. along with your store. If you hire someone to build your site, get a fixed fee for 12 months that includes unlimited content updates. After the first year you should be in the search engines with significant organic search listings.

Put your blog on your web site or at another domain that you have purchased.  For my clients, I have found the best results come from using a separate blog (and domain) versus putting the blog on a web site.  If you have any research about which method is best; share it with me.  To date, I have not found anything substantial. But, I do know that using Blogger, which is owned by Google, DOES GET your blog posts into Google search results the quickest. That is a proven fact - over and over again. Your blog is where you do constant updates about your products and services; I suggest twice a week for at least 40 weeks of the year.

Social Networking
Your social networking produces social marketing. The social networking sites that you know well are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ but there are many others. Make sure each blog post gets distributed to each of those channels - at a minimum. Why? Each of those sites is a giant search engine where your content can be found.  Make sure that every blog post and every web page has one social networking opportunity on it.

Quality Content
This is the #1 element, the golden foundation, of successful SEO. For a professional business web site that wants long term SEO you need at least 40 pages of excellent, information content. IMHO, the criteria for a blog to have excellent content is 250 -500 words of educational content. Be sure to use one photo and two or three text links, and use hash tags where appropriate. With Google's new effort to create and maintain their "Trust Archive" you can see that the strongest search engine measuring stick is good information - solid information about whatever your site/blog is focused on.

I hope this has been useful for you to better understand how to accomplish successful SEO. It is easy to receive these posts automatically when you select the "Network" button in the right hand column of this blog.  One last thing, be sure your text links are done correctly. Here is a link to a video that shows the best method for text links.

Cheers, Steu
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Steu Mann has over 15 years of experience helping businesses improve their search engine rankings. His web site is Ez Web Manifesting. Google him using the terms (without quotation marks) "Ez Web", "SEO & Web Design Ashland" where you will locate his organic search listings.

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