Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Search Engine Stats: five important numbers to show what is trending

Search Engine Stats
#1 Consumers Prefer Mobile Browser To Apps For Local Information
Source: BrightLocal
While local businesses have alternative ways to be found in local search apps and vertical or specialized directory apps, the survey data here argue that consumers want to access local business websites on mobile.

#2 Yahoo Loses Market Share As Some Firefox Users Return To Google
Source: ComScore
The February US search market share numbers are out. It appears that a portion of the gains that Yahoo made since November as a result of its default search deal with Firefox have been lost as some number of users return to Google.

#3 Google Overtakes Traditional Media To Become Most Trusted News
Source: Edelman Trust Barometer
According to survey data search engines have overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source of news globally. Last year search engines were just behind traditional media but have now overtaken them.

#4 Google Still Doing At Least 1 Trillion Searches Per Year
Source: Backchannel
How many searches does Google handle per day, month or year? The company is notorious for not regularly sharing such figures. But we now know that it remains at least more than one trillion, the first update since Google last shared over two years ago.

#5 Google Tops Satisfaction Index, Yahoo Sees “Lowest Score Yet”
Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
The survey measures consumer satisfaction across a broad range of business and product categories including “e-business,” which covers ‘internet portals and search engines.” With the exception of 2007 Google has won the category every year since 2000, although its scores have fluctuated. The survey asks 70,000 customers about their experiences with products and services.

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