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How To Use Google Analytics With FaceBook For Customized Marketing

Google Analytics With FaceBook For Customized Marketing
Get more kick from your Facebook (FB) posting when you create a <b>customized marketing campaign that integrates marketing in FaceBook</b> (FB) with your web site. This is an easy way to provide specific information to potential clients.

Your post in FB will include a link to your web site. That link in your post creates an inbound link to your site of a PR 9+.  Be sure to use a natural link, not a shortened link.

Nowadays, your FB post(s) is circulated to only people in your network. FB has diminished global advertising in posts.  Instead, to advertise/circulate your post to the world, you have to "boost" it which costs money depending on the parameters you pick and the budget you allow for each post 'boosting'.

In this technique, implementing a customized business application focused on marketing, I will describe how to design a campaign that tracks how many people click the link in your FB post, and where they come from (geographic), and other info that will depend on how you have setup or not setup your Google Analytics (GA) account. GA is free to use.

Design Your Marketing Process

Here we go in a step by step description to design and implement this technique.

1. Make a specific web page or blog post that has your marketing information. Typically, this is called a landing page. There are some good (paying) services that will automate landing page creation for you, but you can easily make one your self. Or, hire me to do it (shameless plug).  Here is a landing page for a local roofing service: http://skyeroofing.com/Coupon/

2. Next, make a specific page that provides opportunity to complete an intended marketing action of the page in #1. In other words, whatever action you want the reader to take on the page #1, provide a page where they will accomplish it. In this example, the targeted marketing action for a reader to take in #1 is to request information by filling out one of the forms on page #1. When that is form is submitted, the reader will be taken to http://skyeroofing.com/Coupon/Coupon/free-roofing-estimate.html.

Congratulations, you have just setup a conversion process on your web site: converting a reader to a information requester. Hopefully the next conversion will be from an information requester to a buyer of your service.

Adjusting Content To Improve Results

By adjusting the content in 1) your FB post content and 2) the landing page content (#1) you can tweak your custom marketing process.

A. If no one is clicking the FB post link then the text in that post is not compelling.
B. If people are clicking the link in your FB post, but not completing the targeted action (#2) then that content or offer is not compelling.

Design and Setup Google Analytics

Now, let's set up your GA to collect this information for #1 and #2 above.

Google Analytics With FaceBook For Customized MarketingI. Log in to your free GA account.  https://www.google.com/analytics/
 and choose Admin from top menu.

II. Be sure you have selected the right Account and correct Property.

In the VIEW column (far right) choose Goals.  On the new screen that appears click the red button +New Goal to display the screen below.

landing page stats

III. Make one selection on this screen to best describe your target marketing action discussed in #1 and #2 above.  To accomplish the same process that we are doing in our example above, pick one of the choices under INQUIRY and click the Continue button to display the screen below.

marketing goal setup

- in Name, write a description in the field to label your marketing campaign. How about Leads From FB Posts?

- in Type make a selection ....
Destination: This is what we are using for this example.
Duration: Use this choice to measure how long reader stays on page.
Pages/Screens: Use this choice to measure how many screes/pages are viewed by reader
Event: Use this choice to measure if the reader does something on the page, like watch a video or downloads/uploads a file.

IV.  Goal Details

When you choose Destination above, the screen below is displayed ....

Complete Destination that will be the file/page location of #2 in our example above, be sure to use your file name.   In our example, this is how the file/page name will look when it is completed.

landing page
Be sure to remove the "http://www" from your file name before entering it. If you are using CAPITALS in your file location click the box for Case Sensitive.

V. Click the Save button to continue and a screen similar to the one below will be displayed. It shows your goals for the custom marketing campaigns in place.

marketing campaign in google analytics

Great work. You have now successfully setup a customized marketing campaign that integrates marketing in FB with your web site to provide specific information about potential clients - all for free.  Simple programs like this will help you build more tailored marketing campaigns so you preform intelligent marketing.

Lean more about custom Google Analytics campaigns - contact form.

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