Friday, May 13, 2016

SEO: Three tips for your online marketing

Three Lethal Myths Of Web Sites

There are three crucial languages of every web site. Without an understanding of those you won't grasp the three lethal myths.

There are certain practices that must be followed in order to exhibit your wares on the web and in online marketing channels - such as Facebook and Google+. These protocols are not complicated, they are as simple as learning the rules and regulations about driving.

Quality content is #1 in the online world. Content that is informative, more than just a sales pitch, is proven to have deeply-rooted endurance to readers and search engines.

Building a reputation for your products and services is more than glitzy graphics, responsive designs, and/or product features/benefits. For example, correct web site architecture will enhance how marketing channels can recognize and distribute your content - creating a sphere of influence.
Did You Know?
In 2014 Google announced it would begin using web page encryption as a signal for SEO (search engine optimization). Research has begun to display an increasing benefit of this in 2015. Encrypting a web page means moving from "http" to "https" which improves your site Trust matrix. 

Sweat Equity

There are billions of web sites and billions more users around the globe. Once you have a professional web site, you want to craft an audience by discussing what you are passionate about and then spreading that news where web traffic is already taking place - like social media. How do you describe the passion of your business product/services?

SEO Percolates

SEO never gets old. The first targeted result of your SEO efforts is achieving an organic listing displayed on the first page of search results using relevant key word searches. Those results are from your primary key word campaign. Next, cultivate weighted, comprehensive search results by using a list of secondary key words and phrases. 

Building Trust

The Knowledge Vault (KV), is Google's tool to store facts and figures on internet material. Today, the KV does influence (+/-) your web site in search results. I think that influence will become significant as the Vault matures. There are several methods to improving your Trust factors, which you can accomplish with service oriented marketing.

Something To Consider ......
Recognized brand names show up higher in search results; either brand name or brand name plus key word. This is a direct result of the Google Knowledge Vault.  What strategy do you have, or are you building, to establishing your brand?

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