Monday, August 15, 2016

Business Marketing: what is a marketing system designer?

build your business reputation with inbound marketing
In this digital age, with a revolution of new media and marketing techniques, a business with a marketing systems designer is expanding from the punch in their inbound marketing arsenal.

Who is a marketing system designer?

The typical skills for an effective, experienced marketing system designer would include the following:

  • Web site development
  • Blogging techniques
  • Podcast creation
  • Press release creating and distribution
  • Writing content
  • Designing and creating images - graphics, brochures, downloads
  • Creating videos from start to finish
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization to build content marketing
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing to do ads in search engines and social media
  • Building and monitoring marketing campaigns, including components such as landing pages and Call To Action triggers that combine effective conversion techniques
  • Automating work flow processes with inbound marketing projects
  • Methods and processes to identify and connect with niche markets

What does a marketing system designer do?

A marketing designer is a focused and talented individual experienced in the craft of producing digital content,  and then putting that forth into the different search engine media; all in an effort to improve and enhance your inbound marketing. This effort includes establishing one or more marketing campaigns that have different components: landing pages, special offers, files to download, video creation, social media channels, web site design, graphics design, measurement of success techniques, along with ongoing monitoring processes.

When is  a marketing system designer useful to your organization?

Have you ever wondered how to tie your promotional material to the right audience and then figure out how to present it in your web site, social media, and search engines?

Or, maybe you are still coming to terms with your brand message and generating organic marketing results.

Not long ago, I was introduced to a fella who owned a manufacturing business. It turns out he is the biggest supplier of his products in the surrounding five counties. But, sales were lagging and his competition had a web site that was in Google. In fact, on more than one occasion, his suppliers ended up at his competition doorstep, with his delivery, because this fella had no web site. Let alone a brand message.

A marketing designer creates and defines your reputation by producing and establishing quality content. Don’t get me wrong because I am not talking about advertising.

I talk to people everyday about the most important part of my work - creating/writing superior content for their business.

And, everyday I get someone who wants to argue with me, and these are driven people like entrepreneurs and business owners. They see the investment in “content creation efforts” as a barrier or problem. Over the years, after I have completed my discussion with each of them, I've learned the vast majority of these decision makers are looking at content creation in the same way they look at other marketing expenses: advertising, yellow page ads, trade show booths, and printing.

When you think of your online content as just another marketing expense, you will always be led to underspend. When you spent $500 in one month in Google Ad Words and/or Facebook Promotions advertising campaigns, the only thing you bought were ads appearing in the search/page results and the resulting clicks from those ads.

Consider this, as soon as you stop paying, your advertising and clicks completely stop. Gone.

To me, that is a time-told-truth example of a marketing expense. You pay and you get something, but when you stop paying it immediately goes away.

On the other hand, creating content for your business, is an endeavor establishing a permanent asset and not temporary ad space. Do you see the difference?  Your content can be used to perform advertising, but its’ basis is building your authority - your business reputation.

How does a marketing system designer accomplish work?

Self Motivated Expertise
They have the professional knowledge that will build your business with proven inbound marketing techniques. They will set the tone and schedule.  Because of their experience, they know what must be accomplished and in what order.

A marketing system design will work closely with your company personal to develop content.

How is it possible to measure success of a marketing system designer?

Once you put a marketing designer on your team, how will you know there are successful?  One easy what is to break up the projects into phases and then watch to see what tasks they accomplish, based on their promises and your needs.

Phase 1 - Design
You are working to identify what you need. from your conversations and meetings, gather a list of items that will be deliver and when they will be accomplished. Some of those items might be a new web page, a brochure being designed, or social media channels setup.

Plus, in this phase you want to setup at least one marketing campaign idea. there may be others. But the end game is having specific marketing campaigns to connect with your niche market.

Phase 2 - Building
From the list you assembled in our previous phase, check the timing and production of each item. Does it meet the criteria you have discussed? Does it meet your satisfaction?

Are you seeing the establishment of your marketing campaign come together?

Phase 3 - Deployment
Once your item list is completed, how will they be published and when? That may vary depending on what your wanting to accomplish.

For example, in a typical marketing campaign your landing page(s) are published, specific ad content that including key word research and  material(video, brochure, eBook) is published.  Is the marketing process automated so no new labor is required, except speaking with your newly qualified prospects?

Phase 4 - Maintenance
Monitor the marketing campaign and make any adjustments as needed. Some adjustments may be changing material or revising your key word strategy.

I hope this helps invigorate the inbound marketing program at your business.

In Respect, Steu
Steu Mann, Owner

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