Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Marketing Local Business: using photos and smart phone

Marketing Local Business
This is a true, bonafide, example of a marketing a local business to boost community awareness of his services, a taxi company, just by using his smart phone, photos, and a Google Local Business listing.

One local business client did something amazing and fun - he took photos of his taxis at various local places and uploaded them to his local business listing in Google.

All done of this done from the comfort of using his smart phone.

And, my oh my, look at what Google is sending him ....

Marketing Local Business

This is proof positive of a simple, just about free, marketing method that any business can accomplish.

The next step in this effective marketing technique is taking it one step farther ....
to set up a link, in his business listing on Google, to a landing page, on his web site, to start converting some of his viewers to subscribers.

A great example of simple, successful smart phone marketing and the proof is in the pictures.

Steu Mann, Ez Web Company

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