Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Online Marketing Research: 5 statistics to help you plan

Online Marketing Research 2016This information is research on current trends to help you consider how to reach your target audience and where to reach them to accomplish effective online advertising.
In an online marketing campaign, while quality content remains the first objective, your business must also evoke a process that will produce leads from your content, as well as, have a process in place to convert them into a subscriber or buyer. 

Online Marketing Research 2016 From KPCB
#1 Internet advertising continues to grow in USA.
With an emphasis on advertising on mobile devices where there has been a 66% increase since last year.

#2 Google and Facebook continue to be largest advertising venues.
Google $30B (18% growth from 2014)and Facebook $9B (59% growth from 2014).

#3 Online advertising can be effective.
Google has demonstrated online advertising can work with $75B in 2015 revenue. But,  93% of users have said they considered ad blocking software, which speaks to the nature of advertising users are willing to accept.

#4 Online video marketing can be effective.
The majority of video advertising is ineffective: 81% of users mute videos and 62% of user dislike being force to see brand info before content.  What users want to see in a video is content that is authentic, entertaining, evoke emotion, personable, and works with the sound off. Vertical ads on mobile devices will get more viewership.

#5 Know your potential customers.
An effective marketing campaign is designed to reach a specific audience. Before designing ads or placing ads, taking the time to understand the habits and traits of your potential buyers. With that information you are equipped to design an inbound marketing program which can have several campaigns. Inbound marketing is not a technology or platform, it's a methodology.

The source of this information is the KPCB 2016 Internet trends report, PEW Research, and The New Rules Of PR & Marketing.

Steu Mann, Ez Web Company

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