Monday, August 8, 2016

Online Marketing - Three Important Rules To Boost Your Marketing

 Three Important  Rules To Boost Your Marketing
In this digital world there are new rules for marketing. If you choose not to follow them then you will strangle your advertising efforts. These are simple and to the point, you don't need a college degree to figure 'em out. To be successful with the new rules means applying some sweat equity; this will not cost you an arm or a leg.

#1 Develop relationships directly with consumers.
That is right. In the old days you had to spend bundles of money on media purchases to get your message out to the entire public. Nowadays, you can use the web to target your specific audience without having to purchase any media ads. For example, you can target your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy with content that focuses on a specific theme or product, by simply writing the content on your pages to accomplish "content marketing" which is, in essence, publishing content to inform the search engine spiders about how, where and why your products are fitting that specific theme or product niche you are targeting.

Write this content easily and don't pack it with key words. Allow the content to flow naturally like you are having a conversation with a friend - just stating the facts: benefits, features, and why your product is so interesting to consumers who might buy it when they are looking for it.

#2 Use Current Marketing Strategy
In the old days your advertising material worked in one way - from the company to the consumer. There was an emphasis on creativity as being the most important component. Nowadays, the shift has erased that entire stream.

With social media you can engage potential clients and existing clients - on the spot. They can "like" your content, or "follow" you, or put you in their "circle" which is all good because anyone of of those means you are now going to appear in their network - aka free exposure about your products and services.  One of those just about amounts to a testimonial of your "business goodness"  ... which is all possible thanks to this digital world we live in.

There are many available digital channels that, even with a home based business, you can appear to be a giant company - just by the way you deliver your product content. For example, a blog or social media channel are two excellent marketing methods that level the playing field for all businesses. When you make the effort to get started on Facebook, G+, or Twitter you exercise the same power as a Fortune 100 company. All it takes is the time and energy to acquaint yourself with the process to emphasis your content in those methods.

#3 Tell Your Own Story
Before the web, the main marketing technique was using a Press Release (PR) and there were techniques to get it "right."   A PR was the recognized channel for a company to communicate with the press or media. Today, the structure of the web means you can tell your own story and proliferate it as you wish. While a PR is still useful, it is not the only way to communicate and distribute your story.

Develop your band message. Develop your elevator talk. Assemble a 250 word article on your products that emphasizes the benefits and features. And, create two or three short (30 - 60 second) videos; even using you smart phone will be perfect for this. Publish this content.

You now have a basis to build your social media channels and start a blog. Remember, a blog can be as easy as a conversation. One big blunder a business makes is over thinking a blog. Keep it simple and use pictures. You don't have to contribute a new idea to the Law Of Relativity with every post you publish. A simple update covering your business activities will suffice. One helpful technique that you can include in your content is the use of hashtags.

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Steu Mann, Owner
Ez Web Company

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