Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Online Marketing For Your Business - Two Free Tools

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Two essential ideas that will help you expand your online business reputation. Make no mistake, you make decisions all day long based on the reputation of businesses you buy from. What are you accomplishing to enhance your business reputation?

Google is changing how they display search results. Going forward, they are emphasizing mobile ready web content. More about that in my next newsletter. Right now, you should be aware of highlighting your data in search results.

Over the years there has been confusion about the power of link building. But, that is only because there was confusion around how Google search results were being calculated. There are two types of links in marketing lingo. Inbound links are ones coming to your site from another location. Outbound links are ones leaving your site and going to another location. You want to make sure you have distinguished inbound links.

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Quality inbound links sustain your reputation.  Google analyzes all link data to determine your popularity, freshness, and assess your trust level. Search engine processes are designed to decipher links on creditability and trustworthiness. Establishing link authority is the most expensive aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs in both cost and time. The best news is, when done correctly, inbound links demonstrate a permanent reputation.

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Data Highlighting is a fairly new feature available from the Google Search Console. It works with Structured Data which I talked about last month. This is a free and easy method to enhance your organic display listings in Google search results. You want to stand out from your competition - right? This tool will make that happen along with helping you show off your client ratings.  A very useful marketing tool; aka reputation builder.

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The above graph is research on how long it takes to build a distinguished inbound link. If you want to expand your organic search results and establish an improved business reputation, start a campaign today to distribute quality inbound links. This research was provide by Moz.

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