Monday, May 14, 2018

Online Marketing: Ideas To Effective Tutorial Video Marketing

Online Marketing - Use Tutorial Videos
The making and publishing of tutorial videos is an excellent online marketing method used by entrepreneurs and business owners.

This type of video can lend its self to being longer; on average 4 to 5 minutes. But some are even longer.  The advantage to the video viewer is an educational experience that enriches them with learning a feature or benefit of a product, service, or method.

For example, you have a new product, what is the best way to promote it? A short video that 1) explains how to use specific benefits/features of a product or service; and 2) informs the viewer what problems this product/service will solve.

It’s all about the timeless marketing method - present a problem and then demonstrate how your product provides the solution. Trends speak highly of videos as the optimized delivery method.

“55% of people consume video content thoroughly.” 
(HubSpot, 2016) 

The best marketing solution mean education; help the viewer to learn something specific, at the end of the video they are left feeling more knowledgable.

“47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.” 
(Demand Gen Report, 2016) 

Why Do Tutorial Videos Boost Marketing Campaigns?

Let’s take a look at a graphic software program. Affinity has come with two amazing comprehensive software programs: Designer and Photo. Both are available for a fixed fee, not a subscription fee like Adobe Photoshop or other Adobe Illustrator.

Remember the day when you could buy a software program for a fixed fee? Nowadays the big companies want you to buy a subscription instead and you never own the software or install it on your computer. That’s right, you are a permanent software renter.

Do you rent your stove, bike, or laptop? Then why do we put up with renting software?

Affinity came out with these two excellent programs, which you can own, containing features that rival Photoshop and Illustrator.

One creative entrepreneur at Jenco Designs creates tutorial videos that demonstrate specific features in Affinity software that will enhance graphic skills for designers, corporate media specialists, and home business owners.  These learning videos provide in depth learning in a matter of minutes with is the marketing magic of tutorial videos.

It gets better, tutorial videos like these are free to use. 

Tutorial videos are the potent marketing method they don’t teach you in school, but should. Jenco Designs is the perfect example of this strategy.

In her own words which I found in her YouTube video description,  “This short video is about how to create offset paths in Affinity Designer.  Offset paths are a powerful tool that designers use to create exact duplicates of a vector object shape and then use these duplicate as individual vector objects.  With the ability to create an exact size for your offset, you've have a powerful tool to create fantastic eye catching layers in you digital art. Creating offset paths in Affinity Designer is quick and it's easy. I show you how to setup the keyboard shortcut and with one click you are ready to create offsets for any object, shape, text, or line.  Offset paths are one of the secrets that designers use to create stunning computer graphics.”

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