Monday, June 18, 2018

Digital Marketing: 10 Common Website Mistakes To Avoid

Digital Marketing Intelligence

Tuning Your Digital Marketing Intelligence

I think these three nuggets of research will help any business build a better online marketing strategy ....

1. Online Transactions
According to a study in 2017, the three categories of online transactions are books/music, electronics, and apparel.  The expectation for growth is from categories that traditionally use showrooms.
~ KPMG 2017

2. Video Marketing
 Video has soared during the last 12 months, with a 17% leap in usage. This looks set to carry on into 2018 – around 2 out of 3 businesses not currently using video plan to start in 2018, and, almost unanimously, those who already use video plan to continue. The vast majority also plan to increase or maintain spending on video in the next twelve months.
~ State Of Video Marketing 2018

3. Marketing Trends
Services like Comcast and DirecTV may potentially partner with Snap Inc. and Facebook to distribute television content through these platforms. Brands should place more emphasis on short form video content since audiences will begin consuming more video content on mobile devices.

~ Edelman Digital Trends 2017

Consumer Online Shopping Research

- According to, 96% of Americans shop online.
- The cost of shipping is the number one shutdown of online purchases.
- I am surprised that 43% of respondents said they shop from their bed. Does that surprise you?

Majority, 67%, Of Retailers Not Prepared to Exploit Intelligent Agents
"Retailers will need to consider how to work with intelligent agents that will take a greater share of how customers discover and order; create immersive, dynamic store experiences; use physical stores as logistics nodes for intraday fulfillment; expand the digital catalog."
~ Forrester Research 2018

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