Friday, August 14, 2020

Website Owners: 3 Essential Characteristics Required For Success

 Are you looking to improve your website owners skills?

 Are you looking to improve your website owners skills?

Over the years I have at a masterful conclusion, I want to share with you. I think it will help you build a better website and improve your online marketing too. With this information you can better prepare yourself for the work ahead to be a leader in your community of online businesses. When people visit your site they will remember it, they may even bookmark it to return later for more information.

One distinction, when I refer to when I say website owner. That term is pointing to the person creating the website. As an example, I work with many business owners to build their websites and do their online marketing. In reality, I am the website owner. Yes, the business owners own the content and media i create. But, it's my reputation on the line for the presentation ,functionality, and marketing that the website site incurs.

This article is about the three most essential, the foundation qualities of a successful website owner. The landscape for website technology has shifted ins the last five years, I expect that cage will continue. The three very essential qualities are nerd, innovator, and artist.

Does that seem plausible to you?

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Too much of one quality will lock down the other quality. For example, too much nerd will reduce the artist to ashes and the site may be a techno wonderland but absolutely boring to website users.

Or, how about this scenario. Innovation is important, but without the nerd skills to think through the functions of a website site, there is stagnation in marketing. For example, the website is using the latest and created techniques but not producing organic displays in the search engine results.

One more to consider without the vision of an artist, in terms of color and layout, your site is techno correct and using the latest techniques, yet your website users find it the content so boring your analytics show an extremely high bounce rate.

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