Monday, August 17, 2020

Website Owners: Do You Own Your Website?

Website Owner Ideas

You own you business. Do you own your website? It's all about the longevity of your business presence. There are a number of factors to consider including website builder, domain, website design, your databases, and more.

When I talk about owning your website, I am talking about, you have in your possession the native files (html, PHP, asp) that are the architecture of your website, and that you can deliver those files to any website host company to publish your website on the internet.

CMS - Content Management System You do not own the CMS if you are using one. For example, Wordpress is a CMS. Most website hosting services provide Wordpress that can be used freely.

Web Design The design and format of your page are owned by you when you are building a website. If you do the design work yourself, or pay someone to do it, in either case you own it.

Domain Name Domains are registered with ICANN. Technically, you own your domain, and pay an annual registration fee for it.

Database(s) You own the database that is populated with content you placed there or that your website placed in the databases as it processes website functions.

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