Client Testmonials

SEO and Web Design Testimonials

"Your SEO work has put me on the first page of the search results - thanks. I am getting calls from new clients almost every day. When I ask them how they found me, they tell me on Google using their phone. I appreciate your work !"
Mike, Yell OH Taxi

"You rock!! Thanks for putting Pristine Detailing Services on the first page of search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your web skills are really helping get the word out about our business."
Mark and Travis, Pristine Detailing Services

"Steu Mann's ideas and support have pushed me forward in a very positive way. I found him to be very open and helpful. He is on mission to help us all move into a new paradigm."
Carolyn Ayers, Tarot of Becoming

"Through some very gifted and talented colleagues I was referred to cyber specialist, Steu Mann. From my co-founders and my first meeting with Steu in Mt. Shasta, we intuitively knew he was the like minded, and like spirited  professional to take The Angel News Network into its next en mass exposure. Steu is is rare mix of organized, modern media-man who knows how to deliver what he promises, on budget, on time. "
Phillip E. Collins, Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

"This class in social networking really helped me to understand the terms, use links that will help make my site more visible and navigate around sites that are important but with which I was completely unfamiliar. There is so much valuable material in this class, it would be worth taking it again and again...."
Mikaelah, Heart of the Goddess Aromatherapy

"Thank you, thank you for your Social marketing class.  Your first class was fabulous, exactly the information that  I, as a very creative person, have been needing.  I have the "It", I  just haven't been able to get a handle on how to get it out there.  I can see this step by step you are teaching in baby steps is defining what a priority is and how to accomplish it.  Your "hands on" approach, during class and for homework,  I love. It grounds the info for me, otherwise I would be filled with info in my head and still not knowing how to apply it. For a very right brained, creative being, you are the missing piece to my puzzle.  I feel very Blessed to be a part of this class, for now the world can receive the blessings I have been given to share.  Thank you from my heart, for sharing your gifts."
Anallia, Higher Octave Tools For Living

"Steu Mann has been instrumental in enhancing the visibility of our website around the globe.  Because of Steu's technical expertise, our website is now not only more visible, but also more functional and complete. He gave our site depth, beauty, and made it come alive. We appreciate Steu's special gifts."
Rebecca Smith Orleane & Cullen Baird Smith

"... you are always willing to go
the extra not just 100%, thats worth more then any thing I could reciprocate ...."
Margaret Britton

"... I am grateful for the expertise you showed in deciphering a complex website so we could update and revamp it, for helping me learn how to post articles that you encouraged me to write, and for showing me how to build my email list along with using free tools for my mailings. Your assistance with my writing raised it to a higher, finer, more expanded level. I am continuing on with what you taught me ... a million thank yous....."
Susan Lewella Dillon

"My new web site is easier to navigate and looks so much better. I am appreciative of your ideas and efforts to help me market my book and CD."
Donald O'Dell

"I am most happy and extremely satisfied with Steu's ideas, help, support and enthusiasm to revise my site and market my eBooks around the world. He is a master at website design and promotion and meticulous in his work. I trust his judgment completely."
Dianne Robbins

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